4 Mar

We all have so called ‘BIG’ dreams & goals that we strive to achieve everyday but what about the ‘LITTLE’ things in life we do each day with no effort or second thought.

Driving a car, tying your shoe lace, or even washing your face are all actions people do everyday without thinking twice of how to carry out these activities.

What if you only had one hand or arm! Would you think twice before trying to carry out certain actions? A lot of people (including you & me at times!) will use any excuse possible to prevent us from at least just attempting something, never mind actually seeing something through until it has been completed!

Well let me introduce you to Callum. Callum is a young man who trains at Kings Boxing Club. When he was a baby/toddler, his body contracted meningitis. As a result he eventually lost his left hand & a portion of his forearm as well as other physical complications.

You may now be wondering what is he doing in a boxing gym? Don’t you need two hands to box??
Well yes you do need two hands to compete in the sport of boxing, but as Callum has shown, you don’t need two hands to train & even spar in a boxing gym!!!

On the day this picture was taken, the weather was very nice & hot (for England!). Callum & I had just finished training & were standing next to the window looking at the ‘locals’ socializing around a nearby shop.
The majority of the people we saw at one time or another use to train at Kings. For whatever reasons they no longer do & had now chosen to intoxicate their lungs & bodies, rather than rejuvenate & vitalise them!

Let it be known, I am not judging anyone nor writing anyone off as I believe everyone can change the direction of their life with one simple decision – ROMANS 10:9. Also I use to be that person on the street corner, so I know first hand it would be unwise of me to predict anyone’s future based on what you see today!

When I compare Callum & his situation to myself & situations I have been involved with in the past, I cannot help but ask myself the question, “What was holding you back?” from adopting Callum’s attitude when I was going through my ‘hard times’???

I was physically & mentally able to carry out whatever needed to be done to receive a positive, victorious outcome…..but did I?….NO I did not!!!

We all can list many examples of when we have blamed someone else for our shortcomings or given the excuse to why we were unable to do something, but if we are really honest with ourselves I’m sure we all could say there was something more I could have done!
Instead we chose what seemed like the easy option at the time, took pity on ourselves & selected the blame game.

In the Old Testament the Israelites played the blame game for 40 years! They wondered around in the wilderness, on street corners, in their beds blaming Moses & anyone else they could think of for why they had not received what God had promised them.

Who was Callum to blame? He was a baby when his body came under attack. If he really wanted to I’m sure he could have looked into his family history & found someone to blame but what good would that have done?
Instead Callum chose to make a stand with a positive decision! He chose to not let his physical attributes stop him from taking part in a sport he enjoys. In fact he is a very good boxer (I’m not taking the credit!!!) & I pre-warn anyone who he may spar with in the future, if you think it’s going to be easy or easier than if he had two hand & equal length arms.

When sparring, Callum still has two gloves on & has adapted his style & techniques to suit his tactics. I can be a personal witness to what can happen if you forget that his arms are not the same length & misjudge the distance you think you need to be in order to be out of reach of lead hook to the head!!! On top of this because he is a switch hitter (changes from right to left handed stance) he can easily confuses anyone who gets in the ring with him!

So there it is. Whether you have had a bad upbringing from birth, physical or mental issues, or just a bad start to life (as we all have in one way or another!), you can decide today to take a whole new attitude on life, your future & begin to turn things around for the better with one simple decision! DO IT NOW. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE! – ImageTION


“Anything you can do I can do better!”

13 Mar

Women!!! Whether young or more mature, women continue to surprise the world. This not a bad thing, so before you think about judging a woman take a look at what she brings to the table!

Eventually all men will have the desire to find ‘the right one’ just for them. When a man does, regardless of what he may have thought, said or even done to women in the past, to a man this one woman will be worth more in his eyes than rubies! (Proverbs 31:10)

If someone holds this amount of value they clearly have something worth respecting and admiring! With that being said, a woman cannot be seen or treated as a inferior person to a man then…can she? In fact if two become one when married (Matthew 19:5), then it’s impossible to look down or treat your spouse in a degrading way without doing the same to yourself! Men…Husbands…Love your wife as you would look after and care about your own body! (Ephesians 5:28).

Men, women, boys and girls are equal with each other. Females can do exactly the same as men do in the gym! Believe it or not, women are eager & willing to work hard (Proverbs 31:13) and to add to that, women vigorously prepare themselves for the task at hand with a spiritual, mental and physical fitness in order to make their arms strong and firm for the energetic and hard work that awaits! (Proverbs 31:17 – AMP, NIV, NLV)

I think it’s settled then. Men, boys, lads, ‘geezas!’ next time you think about saying or doing anything which would indicate that you are superior to women whether it be at home, in the work place, school, college or even church, hold that thought and just think for a moment…..she could just be “that one!!!”


Start ‘them’ young!!!

11 Mar

Start 'them' young!!!

At Fight the Good Fight Ministries we believe the earlier you begin to train your spirit, soul & body, the sooner you will begin to see victory in your life. Our children no longer have to make the same mistakes we did in life. Together we can teach them to be wise, blameless and not distracted by the deceiving attacks that can arise in and outside of the ring of life. As our young people grow they can claim Victory, Promotion and Success in all areas of their lives; making society around them see them shine as lights in the world!!! – Philippians 2:15


Perseverance & stamina essential for going the distance!

11 Mar

Perseverance & stamina essential for going the distance!

In life we all face challenges that try to either slow us down or stop us from reaching our goals or dreams. Before we can even think about standing up to these ‘giants’ or obstacles we face, we need to be fully persuaded that no matter what may come up against us, or even how long the trials of life may last, we must be determined not to give up! Once we’ve mentally made the decision to ‘go the distance’ to the final bell (Acts 20:24), we now have to make the physical adjustments to help the process. Depending on how ‘fit’ we are, will determine how long we last in the fight! Skipping is a excellent form of exercise that increases our stamina and enables us to physically keep moving even when mentally we may feel tired. Keep bouncing, on you toes, no flat feet and most of all…..breathe!!! In through your nose out through your mouth. “You can do it!”


27 Oct

Hello all! Fight the Good Fight Ministries is pleased to introduce ourselves to the educational world. Our expertise are in the areas of sport, boxing and fitness.

We are focused on helping the children of today grow into the men & women of tomorrow; that your local community & the rest of the world will be happy to be associated & related to.

Our goals are driven by godly principles which we believe, when fully established inside the hearts of our youths, will not only positively transform them but also the world in which they live!